Question by  Feona (18)

How does a 1989 Nissan pick-up stack up as a used vehicle?

I have an opportunity to buy one with fairly low mileage, great condition.


Answer by  bb300 (110)

if the truck has been taken care of, it is a reasonable vehicle. it probably has older technology and can be repaired at lower cost. check the price of other vehicles in your area.


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

Not sure what kind of price you're getting but it's probably a good deal. The 1989 Nissan series is probably the high point of the automotive industry.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

Nissan pickups are fantastic. They are reliable and good on gas. I used to have a 1990 and I loved that truck.


Answer by  hwht25 (441)

It's not too bad if your getting it for a really good price, then I would take it. If you want to use it for just picking up stuff and you do a lot of travelling and shopping around then it could be a great asset for you, especially for lifting stuff.

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