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Question by  BrittMichelle (20)

How do your breasts benefit from a bra?


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

Mostly in support. I'm sure you know when running the breasts will bounce and it can be a painful experience, due to the size/weight. A bra will help prevent some movement. Plus, gravity pulls everything down, and once down it tends to stay down. A bra prevents some sagging.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

Well, they hold them in place so that they do not move all over. Bras can also prevent breasts from sagging (some people think that is only a wives tail though).


Answer by  Cookinginbc (383)

Medically there seems to be no real benifit to wearing a bra but... If you are a larger brested woman a bra will offer support which normally will take the extra pressure of your back. This will help reduce back pain.


Answer by  alz (2329)

The right bra can push them up and make them appear perkier. It keeps them from sagging. Also, a sports bra is extremely important when working out because when breasts bounce up and down, they lose elasticity and can eventually sag.


Answer by  amswplusone (652)

A bra will make them more visually shapely (obviously), and if they're large will help preserve their "perkiness" (heavier ones will sag earlier if unsupported).

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