Question by  bennyboy (22)

Do they make 30A bra sizes?

I have only seen 32A in stores. Also, what would be the best bra type for that size? I am older and do not want a training bra.


Answer by  Ateen (37)

The internet is a great source for finding size 30A bras. By simply typing, "Where do I buy a 30A bra?" in your internet search bar, you will be directed to sites such as Little Women, Lauren Silva, and Bare Necessities that provide small size bras specifically designed for women.


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

They make specialty stores that are for smaller/larger sizes. Try searching around your malls for a store like Platex that has some that aren't too expensive. Also, try a demi bra. It is like a half cup and made to support smaller sizes comfortably without covering or hiding them.


Answer by  moneychick (167)

Bra sizes range from 28AAA to up to DDF. Not to make light of it. I used to wear AA and now I am in DD. Some special size bras such as the extra small ones and the extra large ones are sold at expensive speciality shops.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Absolutely. You may have to special order it, or look in a specialty/department store. A harder cup(under-wire) will create illusion of larger breasts, sports-bra style will be more comfortable however.

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