Question by  BrockBagley (19)

How do you write a proper bill of sale for a car?

The person who bought my used car wants a bill of sale. I signed the title over to him.


Answer by  joba1120 (39)

At the very minimum, a bill of sale for a car should have the seller's and buyer's information such as name and address. It should also contain the vehicle information such as make, model, odometer reading, VIN, and price. Both buyer and seller should sign and date.


Answer by  Stef24 (38)

The bill of sale must include: The VIN # of the car Old owner/new owner's name/signature' the price of the auto the date send a copy to the DMV


Answer by  Stardancer (295)

A bill of sale contains Seller's name, the, year, make, model and VIN of the auto being sold and the amount paid. Then you sign it as the seller.

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