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Question by  Carol37 (569)

How do you wire tweeters?

I need to wire my tweeters.


Answer by  acostaf1 (37)

what you do is you connect the positive to the positive out of the radio and the negative to the negative make sure that it does not read LOW output on the radio connection part. Tweeters are usually marked as High output on the radio connection. On the radio connection it should have the symbols of negative positive


Answer by  chiezboy (19)

Connect the positive (typically red) and negative (typically black) wires to the positive and negative from the audio output source you are using.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Match the colors on the cords and use duck tape when twisting the ends together. Most of the time the wires are color coded and it is really easy to wire the tweeters and hook them up to your current system within a reasonable time. Maybe get the instruction sheet that comes with it.


Answer by  Keith054 (16)

To wire tweeters to a stereo first remove the stereo and expose the speaker wires from the stereo. If there are two extra speaker wires just simply hook the tweeters up to those wires. If there isnt you will have to share the speaker wires with two other speakers. Be sure not to cross wires.

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