Question by  Anonymous

How do you use indesign?


Answer by  theblip (295)

Duh... isn't there a book titled 'Adobe InDesign for Dummies'? Dudes like me need stuff like that!


Answer by  enlightened (206)

Adobe InDesign is easy to start using but a little tough to get used to as it has so many options. Explore around a bit and then you'll find what each option is for. This way it will take you many days but you will enjoy it.


Answer by  cmc94 (302)

I would strongly suggest you use a registered original version of the software as otherwise you will get into trouble and also pirated software will interfere with the rest of the computer. Adobe InDesign costs quite a bit, but if you plan to be a serious user it's worth it.


Answer by  boonjax (205)

Let YouTube be your guide!! Youtube has several video tutorials for Adobe InDesign and you can virtually learn anything you need to know about the software from these videos! There are literally thousands of videos from novice to expert users. Bookmark the important videos and the pro users.

Reply by icyblue (236):
There are plenty of sites and forums too that can help you out. you can ask specific queries and interact much better on these forums.  add a comment
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