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Question by  laurie929 (29)

How do you use a broiler?

I am not sure what to do with the broiler.


Answer by  TextStud (87)

Broilers are used in ovens to brown your food. Such items would be a pizza you wish to brown on top, or a Thanksgiving turkey that needs the last little bit of crispiness. Broilers are meant to only be used for a few minutes and can quickly burn your food.


Answer by  apoetgoddess (18)

Personally, I really enjoy using it to cook steaks. I have been told you can use it for cooking fish, ham and chicken as well. Also, you can make cinnamon toast very quickly by buttering some bread, throwing cinnamon and sugar on it, and tossing it in the broiler.


Answer by  aroseteam (31)

A few of the ways I use a broiler is to make garlic bread. Simply coat the bread with butter and then spread with fresh garlic. First season the meat with herbs then add fish, chops or steaks. The method of cooking is super quick and absolutely delicious when served with a salad.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Many people use the broiler for storage. But, this is a great feature for garlic bread, fish, toasting coconut or meringue and other items requiring high temperature for brief time.


Answer by  pkdealsusan (10)

To use a broiler you heat the oven to 500 degrees or broiler if you have that option. The broiler is usually a door underneat the regular oven door.

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