Question by  TN1981 (22)

How do you tell if you are having contractions?

I am worried that I will not know I am in labor till it is too late.


Answer by  afamb (557)

Without a doubt, you will know when you are having contractions. You might not recognize them at first but as they increase there will be no mistaking it. You will have cramps in your lower abdomen that increase in intensity and frequency.


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

You will know. It was a dull ache that took over my entire body. Your body had never done anything like delivering a baby, so this will not be like anything you have every felt before. But, it has been doing a great job making a whole human being for 9 months-- no point in mistrusting you body now.


Answer by  lola72 (68)

Real contractions can start out feeling like period cramps. They can start in your lower back and move their way forward toward your belly. Many women also feel an increase pressure on their bowels which results in the sensation that you need to pass a stool. When you feel this, you are ready to push!


Answer by  sonya (91)

When you have true labor contractions, they are usually very intense. They might start out further apart, but will gradually be closer together. You will know!

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