Question by  worker8534 (27)

How do you teach yourself how to sing?

I would like to become a singer and need to know how to get started.


Answer by  Claire1989 (16)

You need to practice lots, it is helpful if you to download or listen to karoke songs online and practice with them.


Answer by  fulfilled77 (6)

A great way to start, is learning how to sing from your diaphram rather than your nose. Why? Your voice sounds much better and rich. Singing from your nose give you a flat sound. Also, choose a song you will like to sing. Find the proper techniques. Have fun singing. Practicing as well as learning your voice, helps alot.


Answer by  Tigerbelle (252)

It is recommended that you find an accomplished vocal instructor. Try the National Association of Teachers of Singing website (NATS). If you do not have the money, singing begins with proper breathing. Stand straight and breathe from your abdomen. Without straining, hum along to familiar tunes first.


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

There are many different books and videos you can find at your local library on the anatomy of the voice. After learning the anatomy, start looking for books on techniques.


Answer by  EchoC (553)

Start by learning how to breathe properly through your diaphragm, which is vital to singing safely. Practice breathing exercises. Practice singing exercises like going up & down the note scale. Listen to your favorite singers and try to match their pitch & styles. Learning how to read music also helps.


Answer by  ca1111 (95)

First you must find songs that are in your range. Start with something that is easy and you enjoy singing it. Second practice makes perfect. Start to record yourself singing and listen to your recordings. How do you sound? Correct the imperfections that you hear in the recordings. Last join a choir and let yourself have fun.


Answer by  josa (38)

you can put some good audio & with that voice you can sing and get practice for specially which line you have to stop and useing high voice for the song.

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