Question by  MsRefusenik (3)

What is the word when you sing the wrong lyrics, humorously, to a song?


Answer by  pyritejenny (347)

A Mondegreen is a mishearing and a misinterpretation, often humorous. It was named by American writer Sylvia Wright in 1954, who heard: "And Lady Mondegreen" instead of the words "And laid him on the green," in a folksong lyric.


Answer by  bpmock (140)

The word that you are looking for is parody. A parody would be an example of an artist changing the lyrics for a particular song while for the most part maintaining the original integrity of the song.


Answer by  crane3 (90)

This is referred to as a parody. One of the more famous parody artist is the singer weird Al Yanchovich who often humorously sings the wrong lyrics to songs. His work is what you can define a parody by. IF you are singing the wrong word to songs for humorous results.

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