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Question by  AC44 (18)

How do you swap a Mustang from a 3.8 to a V8?


Answer by  69nova (389)

This is a very involved operation and take quite a bit of time. The best and most cost effective way to go would be to get a complete engine and wiring harness and computer from a reputable salvage dealer ,also will need some of the accessories, so getting everything You can from the salvage vehicle is suggested.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Depending on what kind of V8 engine you plan on installing, the process can vary greatly. Typically the best thing to do is search for a engine swap guide. Usually you will need to get or make a new set of motor mounts and a long list of other components to allow the new motor to work.


Answer by  ovlov (55)

Typical engine swaps in same model cars can be as simple as locating a donor car and removing everything attached to the motor and swapping it into the recipient car. All ECUs, hoses, fittings, harnesses and mounts should be changed over.


Answer by  magda (97)

One of the most common ways to swap a Mustang from a 3. 8 to a V8 is to purchase a 5. 0 liter engine and replace 3. 8 liter engine with 5.0.


Answer by  main84 (45)

there is alot to do u have to change the wire harness the motor mount placement and the trans mount placement and the drive shaft the rear end and all it is a real pain to do that i would be cheaper to get a v8 car and put your v8 right in it

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