Question by  Clara50 (15)

How do you set up dual computer monitors?

I need to utilize two monitors in order to complete my job more efficiently.


Answer by  worker4767 (56)

It will depend heavily on your computer hardware and software. You need to have at least a video hard with two video outputs (VGA or DVI) or two video cards. You will also need to configure your operating system for use with the two monitors via the control panel settings.


Answer by  worker5825 (96)

Both Windows and Mac natively support multiple monitors. You first need a video card that supports dual outputs, or an additional video card, installed in the computer. Once the OS boots up, it should detect the presence of new hardware. Configure the display properties to use both monitors.


Answer by  asad (116)

Well if you want to use dual monitors with one CPU then you have to get a VGA Splitter which comes with minimum of 2 VGA support for dual monitors.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are wanting to set up dual computer monitors then you will have to get a cable that will allow it.

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