Question by  Ed57 (95)

How do you sell things on Amazon?

I would like to earn extra money by selling things on Amazon.


Answer by  amber31 (28)

First, you must set up an account with Amazon. Next, click "My Account. " Then click, "Seller Account" and then "List single item. " Follow the steps to sell your item.


Answer by  ontedge (16)

To sell books on Amazon, enter the ISBN and select the "more buying options" link. Click on "sell yours here", enter a brief description, a price and you're done!


Answer by  virgo8 (12)

Find your item on Amazon and bring up the product page. There will then be a button on the right side of the page called "Sell Yours Here" (under the More Buying Choices section). Click on this button, and Amazon will then take you through all the steps to describe your item and set a price for it.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

You must register with Amazon as an affiliate. You can then list used books or new books or other objects on their website. You can also set yourself up with a "bookstore" webpage that links to only Amazon. com products, receiving a portion of all sales without the actual work of selling.


Answer by  STariq (136)

All you need to do to sell things on Amazon is create account, then go to your seller account. After that it'll give you a lot of options, just choose how you want to sell and list your item.

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