Question by  shak (17)

How do you replace Maytag washer belts?


Answer by  Jero (15)

Turn off power, water. Remove cover. Unscrew the clamps that connect the motor to the water pump. Remove pump coupling, slip the belt off. Place the new belt over the transmission pulley first then place it over the motor pulley. Replace the pump coupling or tighten the motor mounting bolts.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

when the belts need to be replaced, you need to get the correct part and unplug the machine and open it up to replace but to be honest with you it is easier to have a repairman come and take care of it right the first time.


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

You can all Maytag and get them to send you the parts or you can call a plumber. You may also go to Lowes or the HOme depot to see if they sale the supplies at the store. Also you can check to see your warrany because they may send it to you free of charge.


Answer by  samsheedali2000 (152)

To repalce the belt first of all we need to remove the cover from behind the washin machine and remove the old belt from its place and put the new one as the old belt was fixed(connect to the Pulley ans Motor).

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