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Question by  Pineapple7 (260)

What is involved in television degaussing?


Answer by  khanna (17)

Television degaussing is used to remove discoloration on the display. Mainly at the corners of the TV display we will get these discoloration. Degaussing will fix this by producing magnetic field in the picture tube. Some TVs will have degauss option in menu and some will do this automatically when we turn on the TV.


Answer by  jbus07 (24)

Most televisions that have CRTs self degauss upon turning them on - that's the hiss and click sound you hear when you hit the power button. If you feel your television still needs to be degaussed, you can do so by rubbing a low powered magnet along the outside of the set.


Answer by  johnhattan (33)

Degaussing involved grounding the screen through which pass electrons that create the image on the phosphor on the front of a cathode ray tube. The screen gains a negative charge over time and this charge can distort the image on the screen, especially if the screen is near magnetic interference. Degaussing can correct this.


Answer by  sairamesh100yahoocoin (223)

degaussing means, if your picture tub have some fault, on that time, the screen shows different color like green, blue, yellow, at that time, the service man change the degaussing coil or give some magentic waves to picture tube to remove the different color to your tv. then your tv shows very clear picture.

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