Question by  Tara27 (116)

How do you replace a motorcycle valve?

I need to replace my motorcycle valve.


Answer by  MechMan3 (885)

Usually a valve replacement requires cylinder head removal, and possibly even complete engine overhaul depending on how the valve damage has occurred. This may require that the engine be removed from the chassis to get this done. If you are unsure, go talk to a motorcycle repair shop and see if you can remove the engine and have them rebuild.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Replacing a valve on a motorcycle is done much the same way as a car. A motorcycle engine is a little bit easier to work on in most cases. The engine will need to be disassembled so that the head can be pulled. Once the head is removed the valve-train can be removed and the valve replaced.


Answer by  Zoli (46)

I don't recommend you to replace by yourself. The topcylinder and the camshaft of a 4 stroke engine is too difficult, rather find a professional please.

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