Question by  ottoe (36)

How do you repair a motorcycle radiator?


Answer by  Spork (88)

Radiator repair is not something that do-it-yourself mechanics should attempt to handle. If the problem is holes, the DIY approach can work if approached cautiously. Plug the holes with JB Weld or epoxy. Let it set for 48 hours. If you still notice leaks, take it to a mechanic.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

If you have a leak in the bikes radiator its repaired by first adding a teaspoon of black pepper to the radiator the pepper will not completely seal the leak but will show its location. You can then spot weld the hole.


Answer by  duel (79)

I am not sure that most people know how to do this. The best bet would be to go find a mechanic whose specialty is in motorcycles and then ask him. One could also check online or ask the local mechanic to show you the ropes in fixing the radiator.

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