Question by  lennyislit (30)

How do you repair a hole in a drywall ceiling?

Can you provide me with basic instructions on how to fix a hole in my ceiling that was caused by a mad teenager?


Answer by  diane (117)

Put a layer of joint compound over the hole with a 5 inch knife and then put some drywall tape on it, You will then have to apply 2 more coats of the compound letting it dry between coats. When the last layer dries you sand it, then paint


Answer by  maber (1427)

If the hole is small enough, then you can just use some drywall tape and joint compound. Put the tape strips down and then spackle the compound on top and then smooth it off. If it is a large hole, you will need to get a piece of drywall cut to the size of the hole and reattach it.


Answer by  Lore (174)

If smaller than a quarter fill with drywall mud. If larger, place a piece of drywall tape over the hole then use the drywall mud on top.

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