Question by  tribolumen (25)

How do you remove Vaseline from clothes?

I accidentally got some all over a new shirt.


Answer by  malone (4817)

A product called Grease Relief is the very best way to remove Vaseline from fabric. Grease Relief comes in a red spray bottle and is found in the laundry product section. It's easier to fine at Target and Walmart than it is at the grocery.


Answer by  Jeanne72 (436)

To remove Vaseline from clothes, all you need is hot water (cold water only makes it worse) and maybe a teaspoon of baking soda and shampoo. This should work if you wash it by hand. If it does not work, you can try using regular soap. In addition, you can try using dishwasher soap, like Palmolive or Dawn.


Answer by  nksmom (197)

Since vaseline is a petrolium product, it needs to be diluted. Using an eyedropper, saturate the area with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Then soak in a mild solution of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to one quart of water over night. Wash with an enzyme detergent in hot water.


Answer by  tarky (16)

Sprinkle cornstarch, talc or baby powder over the Vaseline, to absorb the oils. Let sit for 15 minutes. Then use a butter knife or other dull blade to scrape off the residue. Blot area with paper towel. Treat area with a prewash or degreasing dish detergent and wash as usual.


Answer by  Tammy (585)

Blot the area with a napkin (don't rub) to remove as much of the product as you can from the fabric. Then use an oil removing shampoo or dishwashing liquid on the stain area. Apply the liquid, then blot it off, repeat, and then wash normally.

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