Question by  Freddie29 (47)

How do I remove odors on my shirts?


Answer by  carriedee (40)

Two natural products for removing odor from clothing are vinegar and baking soda, which neutralize odors. Use about a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle of the washing machine. Or make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it into the underarm area and let dry, then wash as usual.


Answer by  britt01 (292)

Buy a detergent that has a strong scent to it. Let the shirt hang for a day or so before you wash it. Add more laundry detergent than usually. Make sure to was it on the warmest cycle of your washer. When drying remember to add a laundry sheet to help get the odor out.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

One of the things I do is soak the shirts in white vinegar and wash. You can also use vinegar for rinsing. Do not use perfumes fabric softner this will make the smell even worse. Use one that does not have perfume. They usually say for less sensitive skin and no additives.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

Following the directions on the box, soak the shirts in hot water and Borax or washing soda, wash, and repeat as needed. Wash shirts promptly after every wearing.


Answer by  AloysiusP72 (96)

Wash the shirts with good detergent and a half cup of baking soda. Make sure you don't overload the washer; the shirts should have sufficient room to move around in the water. The water temperature should be the warmest that the shirts can tolerate. If there is still an odor, use a spray fabric deodorizer, found in the laundry aisle.

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