Question by  Wes (22)

How do you remove fabric stains?

I would like to get the stains out of my furniture.


Answer by  anglcrssy (212)

Hydrogen peroxide works wonders. Put just enough drops on the top of the stain to cover it. It will bubble. Let it sit for a few minutes then use a cotton ball to gently rub out the rest.


Answer by  Gus28 (683)

Different stains require different treatments. Look at fabric cleaners and find one that will remove the type of stain you wish to get rid of. Apply according to directions.


Answer by  cinnyi (140)

To determine how to get a stain out you need to identify what the stain is. To get out grease, you can use a paper towel on top and run over it with an iron. The paper towel will blot out the stain. When you blot out any colored stain use a white cloth so the colors won't run.

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