Question by  abdul (29)

How do you remove a stain from leather?

I have a stain on my leather couch.


Answer by  kenneth (13)

Nature's Miracle sold at pet stores works wonders. There are different grades of how effective it is, but it is natural and typically safe for all applications. I'd give this a try.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I would go out and buy some saddle soap. It is made to clean leather with. If you want to be careful you can mix laundry detergent, salt, oxiclean, baking soda and water together and try carefully washing it. If you choose to use either of these test in a place that is hard to see first.


Answer by  Dawn55 (101)

It really depends on what type of stain you have on your leather couch. For example, having a bit of dirt can be cleaned with water and a mild soap but you certainly don't want to use water on an oil stain. There are leather cleaners and conditioners that you can purchase for most clean-up purposes.

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