Question by  Natarajan (25)

How do you merge multiple documents on photoshop to generate one PDF?

I have several picture document that need to be merged into one.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

Make a new document. Make a layer and copy each picture into a new layer. If the pictures are overlapping, make sure the overlay for the layers is set to something like multiply or play with the opacity. If the pictures are not, adjust accordingly to where you want them to be. Under save options, you can save as pdf.


Answer by  drJ (841)

If you are trying to make a single picture out of several pictures, place each one in a layer and then use "save as" to convert to a PDF. If you are trying to make a multi-page document, use CRTL+click to select the pictures, then right-click and select "combine in adobe acrobat" to make a PDF.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

In order to do this, you must have adobe acrobat installed. Not just the reader, but the acrobat program that allows you to edit pdf files. Save each photoshop document to a pdf, then in acrobat, add the pages together.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

You cannot do that. You need a PDF converter, and frankly i don't know of one that can transform a PSD into a PDF.

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