Question by  Crece (25)

How do you make sea glass?


Answer by  victoire (161)

The natural action of ocean waves against sand turn ordinary glass into sea glass. The smooth rounded edges of sea glass means it has been well tumbled by the moving water and gently sanded by grit and sand as the water moves back and forth over the glass with the tide. Happy beachcombing!


Answer by  Sinefey (457)

You can make imitation sea glass by using a rock tumbler. Break the colored bottle you have into small chunks/shards. You can use plain sand or a silicon carbide grit (med-fine to coarse). A rotary style tumbler is recommended and the process should be fairly quick.


Answer by  sonyacarlson (695)

Sea glass can't be made by humans. The wave action of the sea on pieces of glass over a long time is what polishes regular pieces of broken glass into sea glass. You will have to spend time walking along the shore to find sea glass.


Answer by  Dixie82 (103)

The easiest way to create sea glass at home is to use a rock tumbler full of sand water; however, it won't be as pretty as the real thing.


Answer by  wilson57 (239)

Sea glass is created when broken pieces of glass are eroded by the effects of salt water and sand over long periods of time. To artificially create sea glass, you would need bits of different colored glass, water, sand paper or grinder to erode/scratch the glass until it is smooth and without sharp edges. Rock tumblers work also.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

You need a rock tumbler, the grit that goes in it and some bottles or other glass (colored glass is nice) you can break into shards. Follow tumbler's directions.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

You can place broken pieces of glass in a small holder basket for your dishwasher. If you put the glass in it and wash it a bunch of times, it will start to smooth over like sea glass.


Answer by  jrr (46)

You can find sea glass at the beach, but if you need a bunch of it you need to make it yourself. Break up a bottle and put it in a rock tumbler - you can get it at a hobby/craft store. be careful!


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

Sea glass that occurs "naturally' comes about when glass is buffeted by waves in the ocean,with the friction against the sand and rocks smoothing the surfaces and giving it a soft look.You can duplicate this effect by putting glass in a jar and shaking it vigorously with sand.


Answer by  klamp (98)

Sea glass can be made by putting pieces of glass in a tumbler or letting it soak in an acid bath. Many effects can be made with the use of a tumbler such as frosted glass and the size and shape can be changed with cutting techniques.

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