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Question by  Patipada (21)

How do you make a valve adjustment on a Suzuki Samurai?


Answer by  leize (222)

Remove cylinder head cover, ignition timing, turn crankshaft to align 'T' on flywheel with transmission case notch, remove distributor cap. Loosen locknut, adjusting screw on first intake valve, place gauge between valve and adjusting screw. Lightly tighten adjustment screw, remove gauge, repeat sequence on all valves, install new valve, cover gasket, bolt seals, install cover, set timing, lock distributor bolt.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

Ignition timing, distributor cap, gauge, crankshaft on flywheel with transmission case notch will all have to be removed. unloose the locknut to adjust on first intake valve. The gauge has to go in between the adjusted screw gently adjust screw to take the gauge out. Repeat on all valves. Put new valve in, cover gasket, bolt seals, cover, set timing.

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