Question by  sarunrawj (10)

How do you make a quilt?


Answer by  Terri93 (49)

The first step in making a quilt is deciding on a pattern, once this is done fabric is purchased and cutting begins. After all material has been cut to specifications you being piecing your quilt together and sew. The final step is to choose the backing and sew that on.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

A quilt is two layers of fabric with batting in between. Make a simple quilt by sewing squares of fabric together with quarter-inch seams. Sandwich with batting, then hand-quilt or machine sew through all layers to secure. You can quilt "in the ditch" between the squares or "freestyle". Use two-inch wide strips to create a binding around the edge.


Answer by  Greta (233)

The general steps involve piecing together the front of your quilt, usually from fabric pieces you cut out. Then you attach it to your backing and lining layers and quilt it.


Answer by  darthjdavis (284)

You must cut many lengths of fabric into geometric shapes. These shapes are then sewn together in a pleasing paqttern. A back peice of fabric is sewn to the front with batting in between. Then patterned stitching in placed around the entire peice.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

Cut out different shape pieces from different coordinating fabrics and stitch them together in an attractive pattern. Darks and lights are used for contrast to show off the pattern.

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