Question by  goat (12)

How do you make a patchwork quilt?

I have a lot of plaid shirts I'd like to make into a quilt.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Cut squares of fabric that are all the same size. Sew them together in a rectangular shape. Choose a solid color for the back of the quilt.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Decide how big you want each patch to be. 4x4 inches is a good size. Purchase a template (metal or acrylic) then trace it on the fabrics and cut out the squares. (Be sure to keep the template squared on the plaid). Sew the squares together in a strip, then sew the strips together, carefully matching the seams.


Answer by  maggieg (57)

It's really easy to do. Decide how big you want the squares to be, and add 1/4 inch around (for seam). Use template to cut even squares and sew together.


Answer by  Sandra58 (13)

In making a patchwork quilt, you need to determine how large you want the quilt to be. Next decide how big the patches need to be to make a quilt of this size. Cut the patches all the same size. Sew together in rows and join rows together to finish.

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