Question by  Catherine34 (54)

How do you make a friendship band?


Answer by  h (364)

You first need to choose the medium that you want to use. Hemp and other colored strings are popular choices. These are available at superstores or craft stores. You can then find a pattern online because there are many different designs for making a friendship band. There may be a video on you tube to assist you.


Answer by  Dianne85 (18)

You can make it anyway you want - that's the unique thing about them! They can be as simple as braiding three pieces of thread, yard, or cording together. Of course you can always do more complicated macrame stitches, it's all up to you!


Answer by  xsut (943)

You can get a piece of string and some beads with letters and put either your name or something such as best friends etc...


Answer by  Sett (1838)

Take 3 different colored embroidery strings 9 inches long and tie a knot at the top. Take the string on the far right and weave between the other 2 strings, repeat on the other side. Repeat this back and forth until you reach the end, tie off with another knot.


Answer by  Vicki87 (436)

Take a piece of elastic thread and knot off one of the ends. Then put beads on the threads (one with letters on them so you can spell out "best friends" or the name of your friend) and when you are done tie off the ends (make sure it fits your wrist)


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Friendship bands are braided from embroidery floss. To create a striped band, you need different colors. The more colors you use, the wider your band will be.

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