Question by  gshort6228aolcom (30)

How do you make a baby sleep?

I have a friend that can just hold a baby and make it sleep.


Answer by  gae (16)

If the baby is not so heavy to carry, you can simply sway the baby through your arms slowly until he gets to sleep. You may also use a cradle and slowly sway it. Babies needs milk every two hours, you can introduce bottle or breast feeding because babies usually sleep when they are full.


Answer by  Angie53 (5)

To make a baby sleep, I usually put him/her in their crib and give them a bottle of water, while I sit next to the crib and read a story.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

I have always had this talent. The biggest thing appears to be the patience to repeat the same motions for a long period of time and breathing techniques. Sh's and humming can be soothing as well.


Answer by  volfrfitr (1)


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