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Question by  CompGeek (16)

How do you increase your interpersonal communication skills?


Answer by  netineti (7)

The short answer is: I practice. One simple example is that I used to reply to "Hi, how are you?" with just "Hi" and often no eye-contact. I then decided to respond with "Fine, how are you?" along with eye contact, and consciously required myself do so for several weeks. Now it is automatic.


Answer by  Kazekami (197)

Depending on the issues you have, for instance i have Aspergers, you may want to seek psycological help to see how you can improve. For example with Aspergers its hard to read other peoples feelings or intentions so you make mistakes. You might go on and on about something no one is intrested in. It takes practice.


Answer by  NPRER (39)

One way is through 'immediacy behaviors'. These are nonverbal behaviors that express your interest and engagement during a conversation. These behaviors include: eye contact, a slight forward lean, direct and correct speech, not being too physically distant. You can also think of similarities between yourself and your interaction partner. This will help you relate to him or her.


Answer by  tmuser49 (31)

The best way to improve your interpersonal communication skills is to practice, practice, practice. While this is generally true of any skill, it is particularly important with social skills because of the subconscious observations we make when dealing with others. Get out there and make small talk with people you encounter every day, and don't stop until you improve.


Answer by  PJ24 (220)

Interpersonally communicate! No, really, just go out there and talk to people. You could get a new hobby or a job that would force you to talk to people (like bartender). Or you could always volunteer somewhere, people always appreciate that!

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