Question by  shamim (10)

How do you grow avocado trees?


Answer by  hello64 (33)

An easy way to grow avocado is to purchase one of the fruit from a supermarket. Remove the seed from the flesh of the fruit and let it dry for a week or two. Once the seed has dried for a while place the seed into a pot filled with good quality potting soil and water as needed.


Answer by  treemom (334)

My mom always started avocado trees by inserting 4 toothpicks and setting the seed on water so that the bottom half of the seed was in water and the top above. Change the water often. After the seed developed roots, she planted the trees in good, well-drained soil. In a warmish climate, it might bear fruit.


Answer by  MyQueen (19)

It's easy to grow avocado trees. First, you need to buy avocado and remove the seed. Prepare a seedling bed then you can bury the seed there.


Answer by  cavebear (120)

First I choose to grow avocado that is grafted already so that there is no need for me to wait for so long to make avocado bear fruits. And also if it grafted it is in good genetics condition.

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