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Question by  hsophie (23)

Is organic fertilizer good for avocado trees?


Answer by  TreesRgood (16)

If it is a young tree, after a year it has been growing you should try feeding the avocado tree real organic fertilizer about 4 times a year. Try blending the fertilizer with surrounding soil around the tree to feed it. If you keep this up you will have a nice and healthy avocado tree. Good luck.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

Sure! Fetilizers and trees usually get along greeat, especially an organic one. You have to remember that avocado trees mature slowly so even though you are fertilizing it will still take quite a while for the tree to begin to produce fruit. But its a great big YES to the fertilizer.


Answer by  mushey (71)

For the first year a young avacado tree does not need to be fertilized.After the first year any organic fertilizer will be good for your tree.


Answer by  amw (18)

There are times when one should use an organic fertilizer to give there avocado tree nutrients. The first sign that your avocado tree needs nutrients is that the leaves turn yellowish. This is a sign of iron deficiency. This can be easily treated by using an organic fertilizer that can be easily bought at your local garden centers.


Answer by  loribugher (462)

Organic fertilizer is good for any plant, but the plant itself doesn't know the difference between organic and non-organic fertilizer. Just make sure whatever you use is a balanced fertilizer that contains Nitrogen. Application should be 4-6 times per year. Zinc and iron deficiencies are the most common nutrient problems with avocado.

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