Question by  nikole740 (83)

How do you go about wiring a chandelier?

I don't know much about wiring.


Answer by  amangielangomat (43)

First you are going to want to establish the ground and live wires coming from the house. Using wire nuts you will connect the positives and grounds together. Ground is usually screwed to the frame of the chandelier.


Answer by  michaelnewberry (26)

First cut any power going to the room you will be putting you chanelier.Disconnect the cover to the original light fixture. Make sure you make a mental note about how the wires are hook up on the old light. Remove the olf light, hook the chandelier wires up the will be white and black. Hang the chandelier.


Answer by  mcreents (102)

When wiring a chandelier you will want to run the wires through the middle. This way you will not be able to see them.


Answer by  lgyg (45)

If you do not know exactly how to wire a chandelier, then it would be best to hired someone with experience to do this. You do not want to harm yourself, or others. However, if you still decide to do so, just remember that the black, white, & ground at the light simply connects to the new light fixture.

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