Question by  BamaGirl (21)

How do you go about starting a running program when you are obese?

I am obese but am ready to do something about it.


Answer by  kmott (188)

Start a running program by joining an affordable gym. There are more gyms today than ever and many of them cater to people who aren't already in peak physical shape. Treadmills and elliptical machines are excellent tools because they allow the user to begin with a low intensity workout. Weight management and overall health also benefit from a vegetable-based diet.


Answer by  worker3742 (208)

It is always best to start off slow. You do not want to just start out running 3 miles when you are obese. You will fail miserably. Start walking in the beginning. Ramp your way up every week from increasing distance or time. By 2-3 months, you should be able to jog 1-3 miles easily.


Answer by  Meg99 (183)

Depending on how obese you are I would actually recommend beginning with a quick paced walking program, i. e. walking quickly for 20 minutes at least three times per week. As you progress begin to jog for 1 minute and then walk for five and repeat. Slowly increase your jogging time such that you can jog for 20 minutes straight.


Answer by  worker857333 (96)

You should first start a walking regime. Try walking 3 days a week. For the first week walk 10-15 minutes and each subsequent week add 5 minutes. Once you feel like your in good enough shape you can start mixing in running. For example, run 5 minutes, walk 5 min.


Answer by  Mac26 (27)

It is important to start slow and make manageable goals, otherwise it is too easy to get burnt out. Start with a slow 1/4 mile in good running shoes.


Answer by  Tracey62 (316)

Start walking fast first before running. Being overweight and doing a high-impact exercise like running will put incredible and damaging stress on your knees, ankles and feet.

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