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Question by  santiagoed (13)

How do you give a lap dance?

I want to spice up my marriage.


Answer by  JustDave (6)

That's a very sexy thought, and your husband will appreciate it. Wear something that accentuates the aspects of you he likes best, especially cleavage. Use slow, curvy movements to rub up against his face and pants/crotch, teasing him with different parts of you. Touch but don't kiss till you're done.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Well, giving a lap dance has no formal set of instructions. You just have to make sure to choose a good song and make sure your body flows with the music. Some people prefer faster sweaty music but I think the best lap dances are done with slow sensual music.


Answer by  AdrienneLeDell (9)

View videos online with tutorials on adult or pole dancing, and when in doubt, grind your pelvis gently on his crotch. When you feel pole, start dancing!!!

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