Question by  Jon53 (20)

How do you get the crease out of aida cloth?


Answer by  JennW (342)

Dampen it with water, and lay a tea towel over it. At low heat, iron out the crease. If the lower heat doesn't work, carefully increase the heat until you can iron it out. You can stretch the material to help even out the crease, but be careful of permanently warping the cloth.


Answer by  Teresa18 (304)

I have found that pressing with a steam iron usually works well to remove creases. You can also try submerging the aida cloth in water and allowing to soak for awhile. Then roll in a towel to remove water (wringing will only produce more wrinkles). Use a damp press cloth and press with a steam iron.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

to get the crease out, spray some water on it and then lay a small towel on it. Use a medium hot iron over it and iron it thoughly over the crease and your good to go.


Answer by  Milette4 (900)

Place the Aida cloth in a dish that is filled with cold water and two squirts of dishwashing liquid. Make sure the water covers the entire cloth and leave for about three minutes. Rinse well with cold water and spread onto a big towel. Leave cloth until it is almost dry and then iron it on low heat with steam.


Answer by  Janet73 (78)

In general, the crease will come out on its own, especially once the cloth is under tension for stitching. If you need it out faster, wet the cloth (in cool water) and lay it out flat to dry. You could also hang it to dry. You shouldn't need to iron it, but if you want to iron from the back.

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