Question by  muffinx1 (232)

How do you get rid of razor bumps?

I get a rash every time I shave.


Answer by  user21 (361)

First, make sure that you are using a clean, new razor. There are also special shave gels that can reduce or eliminate bumps.


Answer by  loribugher (462)

Careful preparation of the skin, and proper technique can prevent bumps from happening. They are caused when hair curls back into the skin after shaving. You should use warm water, and soak the hair before shaving for several minutes. Then, don't shave against the growth of the hair, shave with the growth. Use a gentle touch and a sharp blade.


Answer by  anna2662 (232)

Try shaving with a shaving cream to limit irritation. Also applying lotion after shaving can help reduce the red bumps. And when shaving try shaving with the grain of the hair instead of against to limit the irritation. Also waxing could be an alternative to shaving. Same with using the hair product Nair.


Answer by  anchavez (42)

I have read that rubbing deodorant on the area right after you shave and dried prevent any razor bumps and/or ingrown hairs and redness. I have tried this technique and it has worked for me.

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