Question by  grandmas (280)

How do you get rid of pests in a herb garden that includes basil?


Answer by  SGividen (652)

There are many varieties of organic pesticides on the market that will eliminate or lessen the pests that invade your herb garden. You may also try various types of netting to cover the plants and protect them from pests. Another route is to research online or at the library home remedies for keeping your garden safe.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Determine what pests you have. Large pests need fencing. Garlic deters aphids and Japanese beetles. Calendula deters many insects. Mint deters flea beetles. Lavender repels moths.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

My recommendation would be an organic pesticide. This will illuminate your pest problem but not harm your basil. Basil is sensitive and requires special attention. Many different natural forms of pesticides fend off particular pests; best to find out what is plaguing your garden first.


Answer by  walter80 (409)

Companion planting could be the answer. Onions will deter many pests so try planting some amongst the basil. It may also help to place a fine mesh or netting over the plants that you will only need to remove for watering. Try to avoid using pesticides if at all possible.

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