Question by  bethy37 (23)

How do you get rid of back acne?

It is fairly bad acne.


Answer by  Olivia27 (41)

Try washing the area with a wash of 2.5% salicylic acid. You should also wear loose fitting, breathable clothes and make sure to wash area thoroughly if you use conditioner.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

To rid your skin of acne, you should cleanse it thoroughly daily with a facial cleanser. Some people also believe toothpaste on pimples overnight helps dry them out.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

You should try a daily scrub or wash that will fight acne. You can use them everyday when you take a shower.


Answer by  jessydav (550)

remedies for back acne is cleaning the area, Sleep on your stomach, keep back from rubbing. try masks such as tomato, oatmeal, or mint. drink plenty of water and exercise.


Answer by  awarner88 (30)

There is a WONDERFUL product out called Neutragina body wash, it is yellow in color. It comes in a bar soap or liquid! Don't give up!


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

You would treat this acne like you would treat acne that exists anywhere else. Because of the location someone else will have to apply acne medication. If it's really bad you might want to see a dermatologist.

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