Question by  gregorymandile (21)

How do you get rid of a woodchuck?


Answer by  kazmooth (197)

Determine the area where woodchucks were seen. Place objects that like on that area that creates sound, this will scare them. You could also try to hang a piece of cloth soaked in ammonia, this will act a repellent with a very annoying scent to the woodchucks. Try also fencing the area with mesh wire.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

You can sprinkle or hang nylon bags full of hair from animals which will give the Woodchuck a sense of something else hanging around. This will most likely scare them!


Answer by  Worksforme (467)

Sprinkle dog, cat or human hair around your plants, or hang nylon bags filled with the hair in the areas you are having the trouble. Most hairdressers or pet groomers will gladly give you the clippings.

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