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Question by  sally2347 (20)

How do you get rid of a bad cough?

That's my only symptom.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

A spoonful of honey will stop a cough temporarily. An old recipe that helped for hours was to slowly cook a cut up onion and brown sugar together. Take the thick liquid as much as you like. You can't get rid of a cough until nature says it's ready to go.


Answer by  fislamamt (189)

Coughing is caused by irritation of the upper oesophagus area, usually due to viral infection. The antibiotics are not effective. Continuous drinking of hot water for many days may cure . Chewing ginger or clove gives relief if used for several days.


Answer by  crystal10 (65)

Cough drops are a good soother but the best thing is to take benedryl with robitussin and avoid smoking and strong oders.


Answer by  Robbi (37)

If you have a "smokers cough" then you should quit smoking. Otherwise, there are over the counter products that contain guaifenesin. When you take this medicine, along with drinking a full glass of water this will help loosen the phlegm causing the cough.

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