Question by  Gilda (113)

How do you get nail polish stains out of clothing.

I spilled dark red polish on a pair of khakis.


Answer by  patti (29325)

You can try to pour nail polish remover, drop by drop, through the fabric, which has been stretched over a glass bowl or ceramic mug. The stain will start to break down and spread, so you have to repeat the process until the color is out of the fabric. Otherwise, your option is to replace the trousers.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Nail polish is paint and enamel to boot, which is more durable (stubborn) than most paint. Depending on the extent of the stain, you may be able to pour nail polish remover through the fabric to work the stain out. If you have launder the khakis, the stain is set.


Answer by  Worksforme (467)

Spray the area with Windex. Use a lot of elbow grease and you will be able to completely remove the stain. This also works really well for spills on the carpet.


Answer by  sassy (24)

I would try dampening the area and use nail polish remover. Dab first to see if it is damaging the garment. If not continue dabbing the area until the nail polish is gone. Try to keep diluted with water.


Answer by  catysuzgirl2000 (578)

Use a nail polish remover or acetone to remove the stain. Wash the khakis with chlorinated laundry bleach to remove any remaining colour.


Answer by  SHPJEWMommy (7)

That happened to be before. What I did was get some nail polish remover and let the pants soak for a short time. The stain should lighten to nothing.


Answer by  abby778 (0)

How do I get purple nail polish out of modal Pajama pants. I have tried dabbing it with nail polish remover, bug spray, hair spray, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and every cleaner in a bottle in my house. Please help, throwing them away is not an option.

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