Question by  bill14 (308)

How do you get egg out of your hair?


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

Wash your hair as you usually do. Then use a large amount of conditioner. Put your hair in a hair cap. After one hour, rinse hair. Repeat this one time.


Answer by  suzyzappa (35)

A simple way of getting egg out of your hair is to wash it thoroughly with water and shampoo then rinse with conditioner using a hair brush to add softness.


Answer by  karebeer (429)

Well for starters, egg is really good to make your hair healthy! Although, i put egg in my hair and the smell would not leave my hair no matter what product i put into my hair! I would recommend product that has a strong smell and then put gel or spray in your hair!


Answer by  sapphire (111)

you can get it out just by simply washing your hair with regular shampoo. egg is not hard to clean out of hair you will just have to wash it all in the shower. you wont be able to just rub it off with a towel or comb it out.

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