Question by  MarkHardyman (16)

How do you get a tattoo?


Answer by  DanielleG (219)

First, you should figure out what design you want and contact a tattoo parlor that does good work in that style. Take in the work and meet your artist, they might have suggestions. Before the tattoo, drink water and food, but no alcohol. Sit in the chair and get inked!


Answer by  ktt (355)

Take your time to decide on a design and location on your body, as it will be there forever. Find a good tattoo shop/artist and make an appointment for a consultation. Discuss the design & price and view their safety/hygiene procedures. Set an appointment for a later date to get the tattoo.


Answer by  Barbie87 (277)

I first decided where I wanted my tattoo to be, then I designed my own artwork. Then, I researched the internet for tattoo artists in my area who were reputable.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well you take a design or go to a shop and select one. Then an artist sits down, prepares your skin, put on a stencil, and then tattoos you. Then they tell you what you about what you need to do for it and you pay them.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

You pick out a design that you want from a book the internet or anywhere else. You bring it to a place that does tattoos. They discuss with you what you want, and some times why you want it. Then they put wax paper down on your back and start sticking you with needles filled with ink.

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