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Question by  allornothing27 (84)

How do you fix vacuum problems on a Dodge Ram?


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

You have to get a vacuum gauge and check the pressure on your hoses. The vehicle specs will tell you what the proper pressure should be then check the various pressure settings to engage each part. Most of all on vacuum systems it helps if all the hoses are replaced and they are cheap.


Answer by  nate (199)

first you will have to find out where the vacuum leak is. if it is a leak setting off a evap code then you probably have a bad hose down at your air pump which is on the passenger side of the vehicle bolted to the frame right behind the cab of the truck


Answer by  hypertech (690)

Check your vacuum system by spraying a mix of soapy water on the vacuum hoses. The water will bubble around the leaks. If you find a hose with a leak, replace as needed.


Answer by  TravisUSMC (979)

Fill a spray bottle with half dish soap and half water. Then spray it on all the air and vacuum hoses. Any leaks will create some good and obvious bubbling showing you what hoses need to be replaced. Replacing them is easy. You can buy the air lines at any auto parts store for fairly cheap.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If there is a leak then you will need to check your gaskets and hoses to locate it and check for clogs.


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

Check for cracks in vaccume lines. Verify all fluid levels are appropriate. Then look at the plugs, wires, and the carborator. It all appears okay, replace the vaccume lines. An in depth explanation is within the owners manual for replacement.


Answer by  shalana (137)

The only way to fix the problem would be to replace all of the old vacuum lines you maybe having problems with.

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