Question by  muffinx1 (232)

How do you fix separation anxiety in preschoolers?

It's getting out of hand.


Answer by  Estkileoto (27)

The best thing for a parent to do is be patient, kind, and understanding; to care for the child's needs so they feel that the world is a secure place.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

First of all, make sure you know why your child is having these anxieties. Make sure your child is not being bullied or harassed at school. If not, give your child reassurances that you will be back. Perhaps pack a family photo in his/her backpack. Don't simply take the child home if it gets out of hand.


Answer by  xfairelanouba (88)

Slowly begin to distance yourself from the preschooler in familiar situations. Encourage exploration while making sure they know you are there if they need you. Help the child to make friends and form other important relationships besides the one with you. As a last resort, offer rewards for good behavior and no tears upon separation from each other.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

Make sure the child knows he/she is expected to attend school, set the boundary, but try not to make the child anxious by becoming anxious or angry yourself.

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