Question by  debi (19)

How can I help a child to experiencing separation anxiety at one year old?


Answer by  gummie (738)

A one year old child is still a baby and a bit too young to reason with. They cannot comprehend a verbal explanation, such as: "Mommy will be back soon". You must leave the baby with the caretaker and not show apprehension about the separation. Tell the little one, "Good-bye and I'll be back". Keep your word.


Answer by  annie52foof (1459)

By holding the child instilling a calming feeling, spending as much quality time with the child, keeping him healthy and caring for him while you are able to be with him. Leaving him with his familiar items such as toys and blankets. Doing the best you can to keep him in his own invironment while you are away.


Answer by  Syl (64)

Practice being away from each other. Make sure it is gradual, but consistent. This way the little one learns that even though you leave you come back!


Answer by  chelsea (20)

A good way to help could be to give the child a picture or item from home that makes them think of their parents. The child may be comforted with this item when they are aware from their parents and help them know their parents will pick them up.

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