Question by  zipper (39)

How do you eliminate an area between the lines in excel?

I have space between my lines in excel.


Answer by  JerseyGirl45 (20)

If your space contains additional rows, you can select a range of rows by selecting the range of rows on the left side of your window, right click on the selection and select 'Delete'.


Answer by  Lucas (27)

If you have an actual extra line, then you will need to left click on the number at the front of the row. With the row selected, you can right click on the number for the row, choose delete from the menu, and the row will go away.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

In the options dialog you should find the spacing settings (first tab) for the columns. For line space you should check you font settings. If it are tabs, you can replace them with the text editor functions: just copy a tab character into the clipboard and use search and replace with nothing.

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