Question by  churunga (22)

How do you perform a graph in excel using a 3 axis?

I need to develop a graph on excel and do not know how.


Answer by  pdash (63)

The data needs to be set in a cross shape. Create a chart and then click "Chart Type" from "Chart' menu. Select "Column" or "Line" as chart type and "3-D Column" or "3-D Line' as sub type.


Answer by  bleo (41)

The only option for 3 axis graphs in Excel using the applications standard features is to choose "Surface" chart when selecting the chart type in the "Chart Wizard. " Oth solutions requires VBA or other programming to simulate 3 axis charts. Consider the "Maple" program; it can do this easily.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

There is no possibility to have a 3d view directly created with excel. But you can have a xy-diagram with more than one function.

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