Question by  malini (13)

How do you describe your computer skills on a resume?


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Generally you'd describe each skill and the number of years experience with that skill. Like Java Programmer for seven years. Don't list everything you know how to do on a computer, just experience you have with hardware/software relevant to that particular job. Bottom of the resume is a good spot.


Answer by  Meg99 (183)

List the different operating systems that you are knowledgeable about, and then also list the different software programs that you are proficient at using under a "Computer Skills" heading. You can also emphasize different programs for different types of jobs. For example you would emphasize differ programs for secretarial job than you would for an accounting position.


Answer by  Sylvia (759)

You might use a separate heading if you have a lot of experience. Maybe indicate individually the programs and operating systems (hardware and software) you are proficient in.

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